Friday, June 26, 2015

Knife it is.

Hello bloggies!

I just reached home ( actually just my 16-meter-squared room) from break-fasting with my university mates.

Truth be told, I'm facing acne problem, again -__- , this lately.
It has been driving me mad and actually ashamed whenever friends come asking "what happen to your face Dys?"

Honestly people, if I had known what happened to my face, I would have effing stop these deliciously reddish inflamations! -__-"

You know, ever since I arrived here, in Padang, I have - in most of the time- hidden my nature behaviour.
My loud, insane, nasty, bitchy, ambitious, sarcastic self.
I have been very "concerned" about what people think and see on me.

But this evening, I couldn't stop laughing my heart out surrounded by people doing the same.
The feeling of safe being my self was rejoicing.

Some not so joyful moment was :
the taxi I took home didn't put the cargo on, I don't LIKE that!

And I know it's nothing but my silly, random, time-wasting post in the end of week 6, end of semester 2, which immply that I'm having Block exam next week, and OSCE on the next 2 weeks.

I do what I want now.
And I want this.

And I think I don't wanna put up with somebody's childish, selfish, queen-bee behaviour any more.
You need to think about what people feel when you do or say something, especially ones close to you.
Being close doesn't freaking immply you got to be the boss all the time.
I shut you down.
Do what you want.
Just don't expect  the same tolerance! *middle-finger-inserted-here* :p

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dumb NaNaNa

Hi bloggies!
I don't remember when was the last time I blogged XD

Any way,
Good news, I got in the Project Team of CIMSA FK Unand 2015-2016!!
Thanks God.
And today, I'll be having SCOPH's upgrading called iTunes :)

And, I'd really love to talk about this (not so new) series I love, THE NEW NORMAL. ;)
I love the story, it's not heavy like Vampire Diaries, Game of Throne, especially True Blood.

And I think it has some really good life lesson and also criticism especially about how the society treats LGBT.
I'm not exactly the best person on ignoring what people think and say about myself, but love is love.
Other than that is none of our freaking business, moreover our judging.

And ughh...this song really beats my head this lately. :)
So, Happy Sunday.

XOXO, Glados.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Half Papachunk

Hi people.

It's Tuesday and tomorrow I have my second meeting of tutorial.
That means I gotta finish my LO now, but I really feel like writing right now.

These past 3 days, since I had my interview, has been so mind-distracting for me (I'm not sure it's the right word, but whatever, it's my blog boo) :p

Since it's the "changing season" in all UKM (student activity centre) in FK Unand, so there are new faces and some faces that didn't get the place/position they wanted, or hoped for.

I just wanna say,

It's the most human thing to be dissaponted.
If somehow I didn't get what I had hoped and worked for and I just didn't feel any dissapointed nor sad, that means I am one hypocrite.

So, for whatever it is, I'd like to be absorbed in sadness than fake and let it hide somewhere until in just BLOW OUT sometime.

And I learnt something from my nutrition lecturer. 

dr.Delmi : " Let see, all of you must be the 10 to 15 ranked in your old school.. If you were the first in general rank, you wouldn't be in here, you would be in UI or ITB."

That was, seen from on part, rude.
But, that was also the truth.

But, I know for sure now, after spending one year in dentistry and being called grateless or greedy by people, there best we can do is to be grateful of what we have now.
But changing your plan, redesigning, and hoping for the future you wanna have are never greedy.

I've had times when I just called Mom and told her how I wished I weren't studying medicine and how I envy other people who study things that don't involved human,life,thick textbooks.
But here's what my Mom says:

"Why are you being so ungrateful?!
Didn't you remember the time you were in dentistry and thought 'how cool and huge it is to be a medical student?' And now God had given you the chance to get in with the fact that you didn't prepare that much and many people out there dying to be in your position!
Open up your eyes Dys.
Don't be enchanted too easily by what you see on the outside.
You think people who don't study medicine just live without problems.
They have their own, and so do you."
So yeah, what I really learnt is that I am human.
I can be blinded by what I see.
I can feel happyness,joy,pain, and despair. 

And to fake that I don't feel that way, is such misery.

And to be brave to show how I truely am is such a privilege I shouldn't let go.
My lecturer and Mom showed me that.

So, let me be the bitchy, the hyperactive, the noisy, the dreamy, the dirty-mouth, the loving, the careless, the messy, the feminine, the ambitious, the nervous, the hard-working, the moody lady that I am.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Hi bloggies. :)
It’s half past ten at night and I just got home from Padang Fair.
Felt so tired emotionally and physically.

Today wasn’t that activity-occupied one, but I had been so nervous and worried about CIMSA Unand Official candidates’ interview, in which I’m applying as Project Team. I know there are a lot from our batch and may be our senior applying for that position too. I was (and still scared).
Stupid, I know. Like worrying will make it any less easier for my interview. But what can I say, I’m full of nerves, worry nerves. -__-

Also today I gotta face my selfish and sarcastic self again.
I hate it when people play around on promises with me.
If you say yes to me, stick to it buddy.
Don’t play around like you’re the only one having things to do. -__-

Yes means yes. No means no.
If it’s yes, say yes. If it’s no, say no. Other than that comes from the evil.
And, a little review about Padang fair, I actually thought it’s more propriate to be called “ Padang BATU AKIK Fair”. XD
But ehmm.. they also got some stands from Surabaya, Banten, even Sumatera Utara.
It’s a shame I couldn’t come earlier so I can explore more and I should’ve brought money with me.
But, I still managed to buy myself a new sheet of fabric. It’s cute and low in price ;)

So was a day.
Thanks for being so patient Jo.
But I really need a place to scream my heart out and say what I feel deep inside. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Try

Hei bloggies.
I’ve been off for too long. 

So MFAF is over, and I got so many new experiences and learnt more about myself, my friends, and how a team works.
So, now it’s been like first time in Padang again. I can be home at around 2 if I got no Skills Lab, and I actually can go jogging in the afternoon. And right now, I’m planning on enrolling in a Zumba or Salsa class next block. Hahhaha XD
Let’s see how my body works with rhtym. ;)
And ughh, good news I’ll be home from 13 to 17 May! #yayness
I’m planning on so many things, but first I’d love to get massaged for my body is as hard as the foundation rocks XD

And I’m studying Live Cycle this block.
It’s fascinating.

So yeah,I hope I get to blog more often and post more pictures.

Closing of MFAF 2015

Someone's B day! ;)

First SCOPH Project --> Velocity "Diptherie"

My CIMSA SCOPH Day's Out!! #excited

Too cute to not have a pair of right? ;)

This baby is calling me XD 

Recently liked-couple :)

P.S. : Thank you for everything Lord Jesus.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Everybody loves a clown, a comedian, one who makes fool of himself and makes others laugh.

But do peple really know that a clown, a comedian, they are the deeply hurt ones?
Hello bloggies.

It’s been too long since last time I post.
And it seems like everytime I post something it’s just around my college now.
hahahaha…so pathetic, I know.
But what else to say, I’ve pledged my life in studying human, the never ending mystery human.

These past three weeks I’m consumed by DANUS MFAF. 
Being part of DANUS, you gotta sell everything that brings money for your event. 
So you gotta have the “selling-mouth”.

And it also has been since these last 3 weeks, I gotta go home (or precisely go back to my always-missed room, here in Padang) feeling empty.
Tired. But I know I got things to do.
Wanting to call my family, but somehow I feel like I just need them here now, not by the phone.

So yeah.
Let me be this dramatic now.

Being apart from your home sucks.
Being in a place so different from yours sucks.
Not being around your loved family and friends sucks.
But, since it’s my life now, all I have now is just to lay all these in to His hands.

Dear you,
I feel so tired and empty.
At the same time I know you’re feeling exhausted.
I hate that I’m like water on a leaf.
I hate that I miss my friends and my family so much.
I hate that I need someone to hug so badly without feeling scared of what people may think.
I hate that  sometimes I think a break could make things better.
I hate that I can’t make myself see all the past things and just trust you.
Of all these things, I hate that it’s all true.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Tortured Enough

Dear diary,
Happy New Year!

Sorry it’s kinda late, but it’s just I have only passed my block 1.3 exam and last time I try posting, my connection was being a total pain in my heart.. XD

Let’s start with how we spent our new Year’s eve. We planned to just stay out until it turns to 2015, planned to dance the night away. But it turnt out we only could have New Year’s Eve dinner together and enjoyed some enjoyable-and-oddly-entertaining live-music.

At the last day of Block 1.3 exam

Me : “ouh ma gawdd Nad!! Ni akhir ujian blok 1.3!!Brarti satu semester dah lewat. 3 years to go, and we’re officially S.Ked!”
Nadrah : “hahahha..5 years later, and I’m officially married!”
Me : “hhahahah..amin!gue doain yang ngakatin cepet datang Nad.”

#Later that day

Me : “Ayoklah Jo..kamu ga bakal biarin aku ngelakuin hal bodoh sendirian kan?”
Him : “Gak akhh. Itu tu gak ada kerennya sama sekali..”
Me : “Ayoklah.Ni tu hari terkahir semester ini. Lakukan sesuatu yang akan kita ingat.”
Him : #pasrah face

And umm..I know that this is kinda super late but I just watched the Da Vincci Code last Friday! I kinda think that moving here has changed my movie-watching schedules. -__-

One more thing, being “emotionally” attached with Jo brings this kinda bad-but-also-good habbit to both of us. WE ALWAYS WALK EVERYWHERE WE GO. I honestly don’t have problem with walking, cause I enjoy walking and moreever it’s with him. But, until last time when we planned on going out somewhere, and didn’t work at all, then my Glados-side shows up.

Me : “ Capek tau Jo. Kita jauh-jauh ke sana dan ujungnya ga jadi. Capek!”
Him : “ Iya maaf. Tapi kalau dipikir-pikir itu kan bisa jadi pengalaman buat kita. Jadi tau gimana kondisi di sana.”
Me : “ Tetap aja aku capek. “

But sometimes it’s just another stupidity combined with not-so-cheesy-but-cute-at-the-same-time convos.


Him : My lady, selamat istirahat. Jangan lupa boker sama kentut dulu ya. Please be a lady when you do all of those. Thanks for torturing me all day. I love you until the very end of the galaxy. :*

Me : How can I be a lady when I’m farting and pooping? I wasn’t torturing you, I was just adapting ourselves.

Him : Yes you can. You can do beauty farting and beauty pooping, just like syahrini does.

Me : Hahaha.. aku bakal coba. Tapi ga kayak syahrini. Tapi kayak Princess Glados.

Sometimes, all we need is just self-origined-support! XD

Last time I went back and we celebrated christmas.

Pardon my fishy-piggy-face.

When we're in Bukit Tinggi for Sitoplasma.

This goes back to months ago.

SITOPLASMA Padang, with my chicken-little group.

Yah I know.. We look more like sisters than mom-and-daughter.

I blame this cake for making my christmas entirely family-tradion-oriented. XD

If you pay enough attention at Buk Gusti's (our last tutor) expression. 

One of my the things that I-so-dont-want-to-happen-to-me is losing my true self in order to fit someone’s wants. From what I experieced, it was a real torture. Slowly killing your self, and even worse putting other’s on. 

At the end, people who truely matter will grow with you, physically and emotionally. Don’t be bothered by those who can’t see how precious you are, people who don’t treat you right, people who only stay for some time and get lost just like the wind blows the mist.