Friday, December 12, 2014


December is always on my excitedly-anticipated-month list. XD

So, where to start?
It's been 4 months of the new chapter in Padang.
And yet, I've only posted one about it.

Right now, I'm at the end of week 4 of Block 1.3. That means I have 2 more weeks of 'studying', then I'm gonna have the exams.

Ada banyak hal baru selama di Padang.
Mulai dari jumpa kadaver, jumpa dan diajarin sama jinnya kadaver, sampek jumpa orang yang awalnya dianggap abang dan ujungnya malah tambah embel-embel 'sayang".hahahha..

Skarang, aku baru ngerti kenapa selama di Medan uang bulanan itu jadi hal yang "sesuatu" banget buat kawan-kawan di FKG dulu (red. Tere,Uci,Mumus).
Now, I'm facing the same damn problem!hahaha
Duit dipake cuman buat beli makan,dan keperluan kamar serta badan lainnya, tapi perasaan selalu aja membengkak! :p

And uhhh, di FK Unand ada SITOPLASMA, Simulasi Try Out Pelajar SMA, dan yang angkatan paling bontot yang jadi panitianya.
Dan aku jadi panitia di Sumatera Utara, ngebantu di Padang, manyomak di Bukit Tinggi.

Sampai skarang yang udah selesai baru yang di Bukit. Bukit is nice, more well-organized than Padang, personal opinion. I like the city lights. I like the martabak bika. And I likkeee the shopping. XD
#Sunday afternoon, di depan deretan toko kue
Him : " Rata-rata pada bawa anak semua ke sini.." 
Me : " Kamu juga bawa anak kok ke sini.." #nunduk
Him : "Oh iya lupa! Saya bawa anak juga. Senangnya minta ampun di dalam liat semua kuenya."

I think I can say that I finally can get 'used to' Padang, or to be precise, I finally can take the fact that i'm here now, and this is what I'm doing. #

Me : "Aku keliatan segitu depresinya ya kemaren?"
Him : "Iya. Kemana-mana sendiri. Aku liatnya ini anak depresi amat!"
Me : "hahah..Itu sampai kapan?"
Him : "Kayaknya pertengahan bok 1.1 udah mulai ga sendiri-sendiri lagi. Udah nemu Nadrah, yang mirip kelakuannya."

And it comes clearer to me that people DO change.
Things that we were once so sure about, can change just in a glimpse of an eye.
And how time changes our feelings, points of view, and may be our values.

I'll be in Medan by 21st Dec night. Then I gotta go back here, to Padang, on 28th Des.
I miss home, Mamak,Bapak, my seksay Cia, Kak abeth, Uci, Tere, Mumus,the food in Medan, the list still goes on..

"..all things work for good, even for them that are called according to his purpose."

Thank you God, for everything.


Sitoplasma Bukit Tinggi



Meet Queen Sera- queen of selfie.

I like my half-captured face..hahah

Tutorial group 9

This goes back to september

Heaven on earth :D

" She said I don't want a model. 
I dont want a movie star.
I don't want you to win a lotto.
I  want you to win my heart " 

- Miguel, Simplethings

Monday, August 11, 2014

Lost Stars

  And God,tell us the meaning
  Youth is wasted on the young its hunting season
  And this lamb is on the hunt searching for meaning
   But all we are lost stars trying to light..light up the dark
- Adam Lavine, Lost Stars

Hi bloggies!
How you all doing? :)
Hope all of you are well. 

So, I just moved to Padang,Sumatera Barat, to study Medicine.
It's still part of Indonesia though, in case you don't know where Padang is. :p

I retook the SBMPTN and, with all praises and thanks to God, made it to my first option, Medical School of Andalas University.
I've been here since August 4, so it's been a week now. Mom accompanied me until last Trustday.

One of the reasons why I never posted anything for the last couple months was this, me retaking the SBMPTN. Truth is, since the second semester in Dentistry, I've registered to a Bimbingan Belajar, but  because of the schedules with my classses in Dentistry, I didn't come often. Or precisely, I came like once or may be twice in a week, and at some times in a month.

People at Bimbel always gasped at the fact at I would retake the exam.
Most thought I was doing an ungrateful and silly deed for not just staying in Dentistry.
There were much more comments than supports.
So, I thought it would be best for me not telling any one about the plan.
Just keep it to myself, my family, and close friends.


Now, here I am typing in my rent-room in Jati,Padan.
The day Mom left me to go back to Medan, it was my Ospek day.
So, when I arrived , my room was empty and dark.
It's sad how you thought you'd be just fine by yourself, and suddenly it just wasn't ok.

And, if my family calls me, it always fells like crying.
Crying to the fact that my family is only a four-membered-family, and now I'm away and alone.
Crying to the fact that I miss my Seksay Cia, my most-of-the-time-I-cant-make-sense-of  Mom, and my not-spending-much-time-talking-with Dad. 

And there are these three girls I also miss.
My friends, my sisters, Uci,There,Mumus.
I remembered the time we said what made us so close was that "We all seek for attention. And we all care for one another."
So, no one was put aside.

And, there's Dea, my bestfriend, who is now in Bali, for studying Food Engeenering.
Such a long step she took, and a brave one also.

And, my sister, Kak Abeth, to whom I'm still sorry for didn't make it to meet up on my last day in Medan.
I also miss you sister. 
Sorry for that time.

Padang is not a big city nor metropolitan. And it's much smaller compared to Medan.
But, I'm here not for the city. I'm here to study, to go back to Medan with "MD" titled at the and of my name.

What I know for sure now is that no matter if  the ones you expect to support your plan say NO. Or even if a total stranger tells you NO. But if you know for sure what and why you want it, just do it.
At least if we make mistake,it's our own. 
It's better to fail, than to give up before the battle even starts.
It's better to hope and believe all the things in God than letting people's thoughts to corrupt your guts.

And this what my physiology doctor said when we were studying about Nervous System back in Dentistry : 

" If you are to make a choice between a FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT condition, and if it's still possible, ALWAYS choose to FIGHT. Don't run away but FIGHT!"

This is Sera. She's from Papua and studying Medicine too. We share the same house now but different room. :)

Heheh..every one has SOME WISH TO-WORK-FOR LIST right? :p

Sunday, June 22, 2014

To Make My Own

Hei bloggies!
Sorry, I've been on a dormancy for like half a year.. :/

It's already june.
So many things I can't explain in my posts happened.
But, they don't really matter.
I figure they just were there to help me understand what I want, who I am, and how I want to reach them.

I'm about to take big turns.
To finally answer people with " BECAUSE I WANT IT."
To finally start doing what I love.
To finally be the man of my life.

People will surely judge,comment,or just simply not give a care.
They always do.

But for those people I love and concern about,

Let me do what I want.
You may think I make silly decissions.
But, I don't wanna regret not taking the chances just because people's opinions.
If it turns out to be hardship, just be there for me.

I want this.
And whatever comes after making this decission, I know I'm never alone.
There's nothing to fear of.

Monday, March 3, 2014

100 Songs

Hello fellas! :D
It'sMarch already!
How time flies!! :p

So, uhh today I got to spent my afternoon with my girlfriend/sister/bestfriend/soulmate, Almadea. ;)
These past 2 weeks have been chhheeraaaazzzyy,super busy weeks for all  Faculty of Dentistry students.
So, meeting with Dea today was like having a glass of pure water after a long run. :)

Me : "Jadi, kita udah mau tujuh tahunan lah ya De?"
Dea : "Iya juga ya..dari SMP.udah 6 setengah tahun lah.."
Me : "Langgeng ya kita. Aku udah siap ketemu keluargamu kok De!" ;)
         *genggam tangan Dea*


Me : " Jadi ntar ada cake nya lah ya?"
Dea : " Ada lah kalau cake, tapi gak pake lilin kayak kau."
Me : " Hah?Kok gak pake lilin?"
Dea : " Emang semua orang suka niup lilin banyak-banyak kayak kau Dys?!" :p

#At our class
Uci : "Dys, tolong dulu ngomongnya jangan naik satu oktaf!!"
Tere : " Apa pulak satu oktaf, dua oktaf itu!"
Aku : " Emang aku kalau ngomong kek gitu ya wak?"
Tere : "Iya loh!! Sampek kalau kau sms, rasanya sms mu itu bersuara kayak kau!
          *niruin isi sms aku pake suara cempreng*
          "BRAII!!!! TERRRRR!! WAKK!!!"
Uci : "Iya udah kayak pesan multimedia tiap nerima sms kau Dys!Bersuara gitu!" 

I think what I just learnt is that I just have to let it be. 
Last month, I spent too much time thinking and worrying about one thing, which actually is not that big deal.
And, at the end of the day, a good perspective is always necessary.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Flowers and Candles

Hi bloggies! :)
I'm currently having semester break. But next Monday I'll be back on track. :p
I really hope you all are having great time, and also it's February, month of love.
Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful Valentine's day with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, bestfriends, your loved ones. :-)

Dear you, can I get new ones? Roses maybe? ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

A two-way thing

Happy New Year my blog. :)
I hope this year will be a better, more prosperous year for all of us. :D

So, I know it's not exactly what I usually talk about in blog, but I feel like writing about it.
But,there's something I just realised because of this one movie, Don Jon.

Love is a two-way thing.
It can not and should not be one-sided

Truth be told, most girls (may be included me) dream of a happily-ever-after-movie love story.
But the truth, there ain't no such thing as perfection, neither the individuals nor the process.
So, I guess it's best to understand that the person you are in a relationship with, is someone who definitely has differences from you.
And if you're willing to know him/her better, than try to understand and accept him/her the way he/she is.

And uh..about the movie,Don Jon, I'm not saying it's perfection.But I'm saying, may be you could watch it, and take some messages from it. And it's better for you to watch it if you're already 18 or above. :) 

Good night blog. 

Mr. Joseph Gordon-Levvit, actor-writer-director of don Jon. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Inner Ninja

Closer to the end of 2013, closer to December, closer to Christmas, closer to the SHOPPING MONTH! :D

Any way, it's Sunday and yeah, I should have taken some pictures. But this lately, I just have been reluctant to snap any pic with my own camera. XD

So, here are some convos : 

*Kak Maria : "Kau bawa keretanya kencang ya Dys."
 Aku : " Ouh iya ya kak? Aku pikir cuman kawan-kawan di kampus aja yang bilang gitu. Biasanya kalok ke kampus, lebih kencang dari ini malah."  

*Aku : #LatihanDrama "...DIAM aja kau di situ! BUKAN PAKE DUIT KAU BELI UANG INI!"  -->    Akibat dari latihan drama tapi lupa bawa otak. -__-

*Aku : #histeris "WAK!!Jadi kalian juga nonton film itu?!"
  Ucy,Tere,Mus : #ngangguk
  Aku : "Sumpah, aku pikir aku aja yang gilak karna udah nonton film itu! Ternyata kalian juga nonton, nontonnya rame-rame malah!" XD 
---> That was when I found out that Ucy, Tere, and Mus DID WATCH PERFUME too! That super pshyco-thriller movie.  XD


Since it's a national holiday on November 5, I think I will ask Mom for an eat-out lunch. ;) (ehehe..saat ada yang bisa bayarin, kenapa harus bayar sendiri) XD
Been craving for sushi, although I don't really eat sushi. (I know what you think, don't worry.)
And I really would love to drink frapuccino. :)
Let's see if I can force persuade  Mom. ;p

Here are some songs I've been listening this past couple of days :
- Inner Ninja by Olly Murs
- OMG cover by Cher Lloyd (old but still nice)
- Royal by Lorde and cover version by Pentatonix
- Hilang by Fandy Santoso

Mak, can I get a cup of this?? ;)

Our class :)

The sleepy-eyed Ucy