Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winter is coming

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. :)

Can't believe how fast 2015 went, but it did.

I know it's like I'm only blogging now when I'm about to have my block's exam, which at the time is about endocrine system, to be precise diabetic, thyroid, adrenal, metabolic syndrome, and nutrition. I actually find myself "having-more-information-receptors" on urgent situation like this than on study-week when I rarely finish my LO. :P

I do read, and study. But, eventually, I'm gonna see the bigger picture at the 6th week when I'm about having exam on 7th week. But, the information didn't all vanish after the MCQs, some sticks, and the other, yuph they vanish.
I guess that's the reason why I, and I guess everyone need to read.

Anyway, I was home for christmas.
And I found myself seeing how real patients do in real life, and kinda laughed to see how true House reacts to all his patients.

Anyway, I've been having this acne problem which I don't know why.
It led me to reading EBM articles on what drug should be used to "treat" acnes.
Because, when this problem first came, I went to see a dermatologist, and the treatment WORKED. But, I gotta be honest, they also MAKE MY MOTHER WORKS MORE to pay the bill. The I guess, I gotta see if there's another way, an evidence-based, non invasive, non-money-raping treatment.

So, I guess I'm gonna do the review after this thing works. :)


CIMSA intern-project day -->

 Me cutting a boy's preputium. #niceOne :)

xoxo, Glados  

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Perceived DD

Me : " Tungguin aku nyampek ya Mak, baru mulai acaranya.."
Mom : " Iya Nak, kami tungguin pun."

Hi all.
Sorry for the silence for such long time.
I would love to tell stories.

I'm currently doped with House MD.
It's a 2004-originated serie about a doctor, named Gregory House.
This sceptical-yet-at-the-same-time-brilliant son of his mother really makes my adrenaline runs out everytime the case gets desperately unfigured. 

I had my first WDD, it was hectic and honestly there're a lot of corrections for next year's one.
Mean while, we are preparing ourselves for SPRING, it's a free circumcissions held by SCOPH CIMSA UNAND to the elementary sutudents in a selected area.
It'll take place in Koto Baru on December 20th.

And uh...
Sometime, we try so hard to hold on to what we believe-what we hope for- because we're not ready to bear the falling-apart just at the time. 
Although we know exactly how it'll end, and sadly it doesn't even lessen the feeling.

Wellcome to the world.
Pick your own differential diagnoses.
At the end of the day, letting things fall by themselves and hoping for the best is all we have.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Restless Heart

You know, our heart (mind) keeps on thinking and trying to figure which way to take, which decision's gonna bring more great things (in our counts).
But I think once we foccuss on just one thing, we (unconsiously) have  hindered ourself to experience the UNEXPECTED.

I was afraid and confused about what I'm gonna be, which position should I apply for, but I figure that I don't wanna close the gate to a whole new ride, to new stories with different people, to new perspectives.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I'm ch-ch-ch-ch cherry bomb!

Dear diary,
I feel sorry for myself.
For letting me feel so afraid and not knowing what I should do.
Truth be told, being in Medical Faculty is not always an up-in-the-air thing, so not that way.
But, if I had to turn over, I wouldn't know which way to go.
So, let me be a student who just constantly tries to figure out what she wants and doubtlessly loves to write.

Note : I'm happy that I finally managed to refresh the blog. :)
Good night all.
Happy living. :*

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Dear bloggies,
I'm soo happy, more precisely relieved that I HAVE FINISHED MY SPECIFIC CIMSA NATIONAL HRD TEAM JOBDESK!!!
I started doing it on Sunday night and stayed up until 3 a.m. Luckily I was having sleepover at Nadrah' I didn't fall asleep on the fisrt hour! XD

And thanks to Jo for helping me make sure that no one of the delegation gets double listed...and Kak Wiry, the national HRD Director of CIMSA.. Yay!! :D

Now, that I think about my not-going-October-Meeting-of-CIMSA in Semarang, it's a bit of sorrow.
But, I've made my mind, and I'm going home ( Medan ) this week. If I were going to Semarang, no way I could go home too. :p

Of course, I prefer going home (NOW, with some circumtances)....
Since by going home :

I know for those who live with their parents will find this a joke. But man, even if you are not facing money deficiency, HOME-MADE FREE FOOD HAS NO DEFEAT!! 

And I get to wear my sassy skirts!! hahahah ;) 

Yes there are ramen shops and burgers available in Padang..but whatever..every thing tastes wayyy better at  home town. XD

ME :     #sending Harvest link to my closest friends and Mamak via LINE
              " Mak..liat..keren kali bakery nya..Pengen punya kek gitu nanti..."
Mamak : " Iya nak.Keren. Kalau punya yang kayak gitu, mamak bagian yang rasainnya                   aja lah.."

I've always been IN LOVE with sweet food, especially cake, desserts, bread, chocolate,
So big my love for sweetness that it has infected Dea 

Dea : " Kau tau Dys,aku udah ketularan kebiasaan makan manismu. Kawan-kawanku                ngerasa aneh aku makan manis sama yang manis juga. Orang itu belum ketemu            kau aja."

At the momet, I'm in the middle of my Reproductive Block exam...and I just had exam this morning.
The next exam is on Friday and I'm flying to Medan in the afternoon.
Hopefully everything goes smoothly. know what I was trying to have polite introduction with someone..then I guess I should have just cut straight to the point..with asking whether he would teach me how to do Corel Draw and Photo Shop. 

Currently on repeating-mode 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Junkie Elliot

Hi folks. :)

It's so funny how I can stay up for making my goal-paper and making a blog post, yet always find myself sleepy studying for the LOs. XD 

Well, it's been 4 days of FK Unand 12th Lustrum.
It's a one-week birthday celebration of FK Unand and all the academic stuff is CALLED OFF.
But, only today that I find myself enjoying the day-off, being lazy, cleaning my room, I always love my room clean, and watching series, which at the time I'm so consumed with MR. ROBOT and still Orange Is The New Black.
But I gotta say, MR. ROBOT is sooooo great that even a girl who doesn't understand IT like me find it amusing and thrilling at the same time. WOOHOOOO. #recommended100%

#In one LIGAMENT meeting 
Kak Melati : "Do you find yourself ambitious Gladys?"
Me : "....." #silent
Kak Melati : "Well, if you have to think about it, it means you're an ambitious person."
Me : " I was just thinking about the difference between ambition and goal. I don't think I'm an ambitious person. But I HAVE GOALS. And I usually set my goals, so I know what to do. It's like going out. How do you know which way to take if you don't know where your destination is. So, if having goals make me an abtious person, so be it."

I went to the beach this afternoon.
It was cloudy, but I really wanted to go.

And this lately I've been practising driving, and it has not been easy.
I feel soo nervous whenever there's car coming from the opposite direction, and I freak out when Jo tells me to turn the car around..
He couldn't help my stubborness so he shut his mouth with a pillow...and it scares me everytime he does that....Makes me feel like he would  eat me if the pillow weren't there.  XD

CIMSA TNT Pre October Meeting 2015

My goal-paper for this odd semester ;)

The beach this afternoon                                        -->

A glimpse of my room and my stick-everything-I-like hobby

 <-- PC TEAM               CIMSA UNAND 2015-2016
 Every day is worth writing about -->
A full time in SCOPH's SCOOBY DOO

 <-- I'm making this my personal bookmark
One of the many things we have in LUSTRUM is FK IDOL. And NO, we didn't join the competition. We're just taking pictures XD

 One of my favourite month -->

This is my jualan-bag. So every time you see me with this in campus, it means I'm trying to support my own holiday. :p

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi blog!
I think I've sain a gazilllion times how I'm sorry for not having written anything, but it's just that having your own personal journal makes you forget a "public" one. XD

Some recaps about life..
I've been back here, in Padang, for a month now.
And at the very moment, I am studying complication in pregnancy, specifically and medically speaking Pre-eclampcia and Eclampcia.

And,the fact that September is coming always thrills me..hahahah..
I know...I childish of me.
But the truth is I love my birthday.
Not about the presents, although who wouldn't be happy to receive a new free thing. hahaha.
But, it's a day of celebrating my existing, and a day to remind me that I've had another one-year journey. ;)

I would love to share about fairytale now.
But, I never love her/ them.
It's not her blonde hair, or skinny body that makes me jealous, it just I don't get her that way. #apaSIHdys -_-"

My fairytale kinda movie is FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT.
I know I've posted about this movie like when I was still on my third year in high school.
And stupidly cry watching it.

I feel like chanelling the movie in some spots..hahahha..
Or maybe that's just how I see relationship should be..openess,freedom,passion,honesty,history, and irony of life.

You know I join  LIGAMENT, an english club in FK, and we had our meeting last Friday.
We were discussing about anger and ambition.

When I was asked about what in the modern life that makes me angry, I answered
" The fact that people like to mind others' bussiness. Being so nosy about others."
And I also said " I don't want people to know my private life that much. It's like the less you share, the less people know, the more curious they become, the more valuable you become."

Weird thing is I always love writing.
To express my feeling. It was never something to be nervous about for me to write.
And writing this sometimes makes me wonder if some people read and start to wonder what happened to this girl.hahahah..
But I managed to not giving a care anymore.
writing makes me happy, and so I do it.

You know those are just my jungling mind.